​Does Bread Really  Make You Fat?

It is the old question that most women are dying to find the answer to…..does bread really make you fat? 

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New research has found that in fact 43% of women avoid eating bread when trying to lose weight, 20% feel guilty when they eat bread, while more than half of women find the healthy bread category overwhelming and confusing.

The national study of more than 1,000 women aged between 25 and 65 taken on behalf of popular bakery, bakers delight, is aiming to bust those bread myths and change attitudes towards eating bread.

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Once seen as a relatively healthy part of our diets, bread these days is getting a bad wrap,  touted as the reason why we gain weight, blamed for putting on bloat, while the gluten used in bread is being seen as the all around bad guy.

While some women avoid bread, there’s no denying they can’t resist bread for it’s taste, the survey revealing a high 83%  of women eat it because it is delicious. I’m a victim of this and so many of young girls aged between 20 and 25. I really don’t like bread that much but I believe it contributed to me being fat because it’s a baked product, but after I read an article writing by a Nutritionist and expert, sharon Natoli of Food and Nutritionist Australia says since, Dr Atkins published his new ‘ Diet Revolution’ in quickly followed, it has created a stigma associated with eating carbs.

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She says the survey results were reflective of current nutritional debates, which continue to fuel uncertainty around healthy bread options.

“It reflects a loss of basic knowledge around healthy bread options,” she said.

“Many women are unaware of the long list of benefits offered by wholemeal and low GI breads, and often gluten free diet be more harmful than good in terms of increased sugar levels.”

” The right bread choice can offer numerous health be including digestive health, sustain energy and an all round healthier heart mind and body,’ said Ms Natoli. She says there’s no evidence on its own that contributes to weight gain.

“Large studies of populations show what people who h higher intakes of whole grain foods, such as whole grain breads, are less likely to be overweight or gain weight over time.

” Many women are unaware of significant nutritional benefits of wholegrain bread including Fibre, B vitamins, magnesium and iron,” she said.

Ms Natoli agrees it very important for every consumer to have access to all the information they need to make the right choice when buying bread to make their needs and lifestyle.

Bread provides Omega 3s along with the usual benefits of Fibre and B vitamin while people concerned about heart health may prefer a bread that is high in seeds and wholegrains.

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” There are many different breads on the market so understanding your needs and matching this with the benefits of the loaf is important,’ she said.

Bread is a food that national health authorities recommend daily as part of a healthy, balanced diet due to its important contribution to nutrient intakes, so there is no reason to feel guilty about eating bread.

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From Health Magazine.

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