It’s always you against the world and the very time you realize that and take responsibility of your mistakes & success the better you in the future. Don’t blame people for your mistakes rather take responsibility and right the wrong.

The glowing sun depicts good times but in the good time which is “the sun” you will still find hard times, financial challenges and other negativity you might be facing in life which is the brown colors you see in the sun.

The starts depicts good fortune and a brighter future and reward you can reach if you can stand against the world.

The rocky hill depicts your hard work which you have used as a ladder and a  platform to climb to the top and to your success which is “the sun” in the painting.

The rocky hill is rough which depicts your struggle so far irrespective of your  imperfections & weaknesses.

The color variations on the hill depicts good and bad times you overcame by working hard to reach to the peak.

In the painting the man never stopped moving forward irrespective of him falling down because, he knows that failure is not the end of a man but a reason to strive and work harder to grow higher than his former position in life.

Conclusively you are the only reason holding you back.

Art by: DeProf


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