First: you potential success is in “your own life”. Rich source of raw material are yours, to turn into saleable writings. Your personal experience- your daily routine- places, people, emotions, jobs familiar to you- everything you already know can be turned into published material. . . . . once you know how.

Second: ” you already know” one basic part of successful writing. You know the everyday speech- the words and phrases in daily use-essential to modern writing style. Simple, familiar words- words you say and hear in your daily life- can be turned into saleable material. . . . once you know how.
To write successfully, all you need is the technical knowledge.
Now you can master writing

The skill of writing is simply knowing how. . . .how to make good use of your experience. . . . how to write down ordinary words in the right way. The successful writer does just that! What one person does, another can do. And you can do it . . . .once you can do it . . . .once you know how exactly to go about it.

Remember every successful writer was once a complete beginner. He won success partly because he wanted to write. Partly, too, because he learned how to use ‘ tricks of the trade’ that result in saleable writing- technical process which our course puts at your fingertips-processes you can use to make yourself a publisher writer.

You write for pleasure and profit
This vital knowledge is easier to learn than you may think, A successful writer need not be born with any kind of special ability. If you have a strong interest in reading and writing, you will find that-by using the techniques described in our lessons-you can have fun writing for profit.

Markets- the key to getting your work into print
Any writer of English has an enormous advantage, because he has a worldwide audience of 300 million English-speaking people. Compare this with the position of, say, a Dutch writer, who can only communicate about 15 million people. If he is very good, his work may become known abroad. He may be lucky enough to have it translated into English-which is the same position that the English-speaking writer start from!
A wide range of markets is open to you- when you know how to write. Editors are always looking for stories and articles. In Africa alone, there are over two hundred English-language magazines and newspapers, one third of them in Nigeria, and the Asian markets are expanding rapidly. The international field is growing, too, and editors are using thousands of stories and articles yearly from spare-time writers.

Experience does not matter!
To satisfy those market demands, the writer must be technically skilled. But once you know how, you can be sure that your work has every chance of being published. Editors and publishers need good material-their job and profits depend on it. They want articles and stories that will please the public-and gain further sales. So they will be eager for the right material from you, no matter who you are!

Act Now-Don’t delay your decision!
Most beginners try to teach themselves to write. They waste months and years sending in amateur material. The work is rejected again and again, because they do not know what editors require. But with our expert help, you will learn to supply editors, publishers and producers with what they want. Just imagine how much time, trouble and heartache this will save you. You will learn how to write so that editors will ask you for more!

Reasons why you must be successful
1. Your life, whether routine or exciting, is full of raw material.
2. Your use of ordinary English is necessary for a modern writing style.
3. You can learn the professional Know-How of saleable writing.
4. You have many markets open to new writers.

SO……. Pick up that PEN

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