Exclusive Interview with CEO Latro Studios

Yesterday being the birthday of a Media Figure in the Eastern part of the Nation:- CEO Latro Studios.

Warizit brings to you an Exclusive Interview with him as to commemorate his birthday anniversary.

Enjoy the excerpts below

(Do not mind the Joke in it)

Warizit: Good morning Sir

Can we meet you

CEO Latro St.: Yes ooo. Where can we meet?

Warizit: **behind the curtain** Chizzy bikonu (please)

CEO Latro St.: Lolzzz

Warizit: Please can you introduce your self to the readers

CEO Latro St.: My name is Agupusi Chizurum. A photographer and Comedian.

Warizit: Nice meeting you Chizurum

Where you do you hail from

CEO Latro St.: Okigwe, Imo state

Warizit: Okk Sir

Can you summarily brief us about your educational background

CEO Latro St.: I attended nursery and primary school like my mates. Then went to FGC Okigwe for my secondary school. Got my BSc in Zoology and Environmental biology from Unn. I also have a diploma in photography and film making from Twim Art Institute, Ibadan.

Warizit: Like your mates huh (Chuckles)

Can you brief us about your person (personality)

CEO Latro St.: I believe I am an easy going person with a great sense of humor. I love being happy and I share the happiness around as much as I can.

Warizit: Wow ( Smiles)

So over to Photography. When was the idea to go into this initiated? And what led to it?

CEO Latro St.: I have always been media friendly growing up. I was very involved in acting. By my final year, I fell in love with being behind the scenes. I wanted to direct. Much more tell stories with a camera. After my youth service, I proceeded to a film school to learn film making but ended up more in love with photography. I’ll still make films though

Warizit: Awesome

Warizit: So how was the name Latro given birth to

CEO Latro St.: It is a Latin name for Wow. I searched for an English name I loved and checked the Latin and Greek equivalents. The Latin appealed to me

Warizit: So when I say Latro am saying Wow

That’s Unique

Warizit: So what were the challenges you encountered as regards Photography and Your studio set up

CEO Latro St.: The usual, finance. After that came the issue of trust. You have to get people to trust that you’re good. I had to do plenty of free work. Then the challenge of also knowing when to stop the free work. In the end, we are here

Warizit: Okkk (That’s real hard work and timing)

So the title Mad man of the East…. How did that come to be

CEO Latro St.: I gave it to myself. Just for fun and easy identification

Warizit: Oh Wow “Latro”

What about the name Facebook Idiot

CEO Latro St.: Same thing sir

Warizit: Oh……….. That’s Weird

So as a Charming handsome young man, you must really be sought after by ladies, How do you handle that?
Are you in a relationship?

CEO Latro St.: Sought after story. Nobody is “soughting” me o

Warizit: So Are you in a relationship?

CEO Latro St.: For now, with my camera.

Warizit: Okk Sir

What’s your advice to graduates from your experience

CEO Latro St.: If they cannot get a job let them look for skill and learn. As long as you can meet a need, people will pay for it.

Warizit: Okkk

Can you take this time and talk about the services you render as a Photographer

CEO Latro St.: I majorly do wedding and portrait photography. I’m based in Ebonyi state but of course, there is no part of the world I don’t travel to.

Warizit: Wow “Latro”

It’s nice talking with you Sir
Thanks for the time

CEO Latro St.: Thank you too for the privilege. I appreciate.

Ladies and Gents, we would end this interview with the following heartfelt wishes from us all @WarizitOfficial

Happy Birthday

Sir Agupusi Chizurum

CEO Latro Studios



Mad Man of the East

Facebook Idiot

Celebrate in all shades of awesomeness

Oya sharpaly sharpaly click the name below and go to his website and view is works and book him


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