Effects of using Garlic cloves as a Home remedy for personal treatment of keloid scars by Hossanna Obiyo

Effects of garlic cloves on keloid scars              Garlic has been recommended virtually everywhere as a natural remedy for the treatment of keloid scars. I have suffered keloid scars on my entire body because of burns (from a liquid medicine) and wrong treatment. 

  •        I do not know if it is because I am bestowed with a special type of skin but why I suffered burns from the supposed therapy is not what I have come to terms with.  As a result of the burns I had (which resulted in keloid scars), I had to search for natural remedies everywhere -Online, offline,inline and even outline. You can imagine the dilemma I was in. Luckily,  I stumbled on to a lot of sites that suggested various natural treatments to keloid scar treatment including olive oil,honey,lemon,aloe vera, garlic,tea tree oil,but to mention a few. The most available and of course most affordable remedy to me then was garlic and I decided to give it a try after reading the directions.

Applying it (while following the instructions religiously) gave me great discomfort. But I felt it was “working” because some times we have this psychology that a remedy must be painful to show that it’s fighting with whatever illness or bodily abnormality we are dealing with! After three days,I noticed serious burns on my face (that is on those keloid!). I didn’t need a prophet to tell me that I was getting worse! I stopped the therapy immediately and soothed my skin with honey.

I honestly cannot tell how this remedy was discovered, but I guess it’s just not for me. My advice would be that if you notice any discomfort while using garlic cloves as a remedy, it should be discontinued. But then,does one really need to experience this burns before learning that garlic should rarely be mentioned as a keloid scar treatment? I think it would be great if more research is carried out on this especially to know if there are people whom certain remedies wouldn’t work for and why. It is also important to note that not everything you read online is verifiable. Even if it is, or may not work for you. It’s probably safest to consult your healthcare provider to direct you to credible sources of information. Another way to look at this might be individual idiosyncrasies. What works for A may not work for B so don’t be quick to try out a remedy or a medication for a similar ailment without consulting your physician and pharmacist. 

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One thought on “Effects of using Garlic cloves as a Home remedy for personal treatment of keloid scars by Hossanna Obiyo

  • March 27, 2019 at 1:10 pm

    I want to exactly what didi you use after garlic gives you discomfort


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