Give your skin, face, teeth and hair a treat to perfection with Oriflame cosmetics: makeup, cream, lotion, sunscreen, perfumes, soap, tooth paste; Talk to a beauty consultant 

Oriflame has a wide range of products which have specifically been designed to pamper, nourish and give your body the desired all round optimal nourishment. 


Our skincare products are second to none. All products are hypoallergenic and made with the finest of natural moisturizing, hydrating and nourishing ingredients. They are all dermatologist approved and were not tested using animal subjects.

Everything you need to replenish your skin is right here. No matter your skin type, color or texture, we’ve got you covered! Big Time!  

We care about protecting you from sun burn while giving you an irresistible skin

We have a wonderful range of facials 


The best treatment for your hands & feet

Our teeth protection and whitening therapy is effective and proven to be long lasting, devoid of adverse effects.

Our range of Perfumes are designed to keep you alluring and irresistible throughout the day..  

Makeup? We give you the best of the best!

Give your hair a bounce! Grow your hair to the desired length while keeping it nourished, glowing and healthy with our 100% Coconut oil and Oriflame range of Volume boost hair care products! 

To Place an order for any of the products or make further enquiries, send a direct message to @hrmspiritqueencheryl on Instagram or to 0813 784 9606 on Whatsapp.

Meet our certified Oriflame consultant.

Our beauty consultant, Hossana Obiyo is available to answer any questions you might have concerning your body, hair, teeth and makeup. She will also help you select suitable products for your skin type. 

Contact her:

Facebook: Hossana Obiyo 

Instagram: @hrmspiritqueencheryl

Whatsapp: 0813 784 9606

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