GOLD DUST: Debut EP release by Rnb crooner, Dabz.

Dabz speaks: Some 8 years ago, I voiced in a studio for the very first time. It was a jingle for FECA Nsukka Praise Capade. By 2010, I’d made two more “appearances” for G4C’s “Praise Him” and “Taste of Freedom” (those who knew me back then can relate). Back then, I did music strictly for the love of it – no strings attached. My close friends can recall the difficulty I had with stage performances (one could barely hear me due to stage fright. Lol)
Fast forward to 2011, Kinsu tells me about the CIA vision; I loved it, I keyed in, and look what we have today. 

I bless God for my CIA fam – Kinsu, Nolly, Propane and Dikky. These guys have been a pillar through this journey. Left to me I wouldn’t be talking about recording a music project.

It’s been a worth-while journey, and I’m thrilled to share my work over the years with you. 

2Cor. 5:7 – “Now we have this treasure in jars of clay to show that this surpassingly great power is from God and not from us.”

I am nothing, He is everything – made from dust, made of gold.

Welcome to GOLD DUST: The EP. 


01. Aka N’elu (prod. Kinsu)

02. Soul Fire (prod. Dr Jay)

03. Beautiful (prod. Ruggedbeatz)

04. Believer (prod. Benzy)

05. Dead Gone (prod. Dr Jay)

06. Winner Man (prod Dr Jay)

07. Weluya (prod. Benzy & Dr Jay)

Gold Dust E.P is OUT NOW!!! Grab your copy here: 


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