How did Chelsea win the premier league? An exhaustive analysis. 

​On the 12th of may, 2017, it was written in the Sports history books that Chelsea football club, aka The blues, The Roman army, are Premier league Champions.

Winning goal by Batshuayi BBC

After a miserable and pathetic previous season, they have managed to come out on top this season. At the helm of affairs was Antonio Conte who at the moment is relishing this much coveted achievement. 

A lot of football lovers, especially Tottenham Hotspur supporters, would love to know how this feat was accomplished:

☑ Was is the fact that Conte is Italian?

☑ Was it the purchase and effective utilization of N’golo Kante?

Kante and Conte ESPN

We bring you a detailed analysis of the action taken by different types and levels of personnel at the Stamford Bridge to  
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