In his latest Netflix special Irresponsible, Kevin Hart has two modes. They look alike on the surface because Hart brings the same intense, physical, ebullient energy to everything, pulling the audience from one story to the next with a rushing-forward pace that rarely stops for a breath. But underneath the energy, there are some jokes that swerve toward the personal, toward vulnerability, that feel tapped into something raw. And there are some that feel like Hart took a pass.

American actor, comedian, and producer Kevin Hart released his new comedy special, “Kevin Hart: Irresponsible”, on Netflix around the globe on April 2nd and you can now download the video. The one-hour stand-up special was recorded in London and touches on his family, travel and a year full of reckless behavior.

This is a must-see. Absolutely hilarious 😂.

Note if you are not a fan of hearing obscenities said out loud or repeated over time my best advice do no watch, Else it is a fun-filled one-hour irresponsible talk.

So, Grab some popcorn and drinks, download and take a seat. certainly, laugh your pains away.

Download Kevin Hart’s Irresponsible below

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