Kudakwashe – the story of an unconventional African Princess 

Kudakwashe, with real name Ugonneamaka was a Nigerian princess who lived in Contemporary times. This African princess didn’t like to play dress up. She loved to keep it simple with sweatshirts, jeans, tees and sneakers. However, she didn’t mind being dolled up every now and then. She loved the tribal spots and marks on her face because she loved colors and patterns. 

Everyone told her she was a disgrace to the family because she wasn’t their definition of girly. She had no interest in kitchen duties, washing or any form of cleaning. She would not shut up when men were talking but would listen in and give her opinions if any. She loved books, poetry, business and politics. Raising a family was the least of her concerns even though she loved children very much. Kudakwashe was bold, outspoken, honest and true.
People say she never really existed. That she was only a figment of an imagination. “I mean how can a woman so beautiful choose not be who God made her to be”, they said. “She should be submissive in everything. Never compete with men but realize that she was only made to help him”. Kudakwashe wasn’t perturbed. They were all drinking panadol where there was no headache. 

The most important thing to Kudakwashe was that she made it a point of duty to give everyone a voice. By that it means she actually encouraged them to use their voices. She told them to speak out whenever they had an opinion and to break free of every stereotype. She encouraged girls to dream and work at it. 
Although Kudakwashe was never popular beyond her village, she effected change. And regardless of what they said in the open, EVERYONE respected her and realized that she was Royalty in every way – girly or not. 
Soon, people in her village started seeing women as equals deserving the choice to choose which interests to pursue. Their opinions were sought and appreciated. There was progress.

One fateful day, Kudakwashe climbed up a coconut tree and was never seen again. 

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