Life lessons from my attempt to light a match (2)

This time around I didn’t say the words of fear like last time. I just struck the match and lit the stove. I won! 
One important lesson I learned from this little event was that my words were powerful. As little as I was then, I realised that the only reason I was burnt was because I let fear consume me. And most times when you’re scared, you lose focus. That’s why I was ‘burned’.  

Since then, I am intentional about what I say to myself. I make mistakes sometimes though but I correct myself almost immediately . I never talk myself down or feel that I can’t do stuff because I realized that when I say I can’t… I can’t…  But when I say I can, no force can stop me. 
When I’m not sure that I can do something, I tell myself: ‘It can’t be that hard’ Then I learn stuff about it and DO IT. I believe and I know that’s there nothing I can’t do. All I need is to want to do it so much that I find out what it takes to do it, then I will. 
For me, that’s the winning attitude. Knowing that You Can… And saying it…  Telling yourself over and over that you Can Do whatever you set your mind to do. And you will… Believe, say it then Do it…  

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