MC Chimefrancis intimates us on his recent web series sitcom project titled ‘ROOM’ series. 

Hi,  I’m Sohana, one of representatives. We would like you to meet MC Chimefrancis. Some of you know this amazing personality already because he’s popular in his Alma mater, UNN, as a comedian. If you don’t, that’s okay because this is one great way to get to know him. I’m excited about this because it’s our first exclusive interview here on and it was really fun chatting with him.Enjoy!

Sohana:  I know that I’ve heard a lot about you and I actually watched you perform at our dinner night but lots of people viewing this may not have met you so I gotta ask the needful question. May We meet you? 

Chimefrancis: I am Chimefrancis, popularly known as a comedian. I am also the Founder of Deriving Joy Entertainment. I just finished from University of Nigeria, Nsukka.

Sohana: Okay… My sources say you’ve been doing some great work, so tell us what have you been busy with lately

Chimefrancis: Yeah! I Have been promoting Deriving joy’s upcoming web series which is “ROOM”. We filmed in January and we decided to launch it in March

Sohana: ROOM series, that’s an interesting name! What inspired the ROOM series?

Chimefrancis: Uhm! Passion & Entertainment. After my debut stand up comedy event, I decided to give more time to my acting career because I started with acting so I sat down with the one of the guys at Deriving Joy entertainment (Eze Anthony ACE) and I also discussed with another friend (Kizito) who has a great passion for acting. We then teamed up and got down to business.

Sohana: Wow!  You guys sure did! OK, could you give us a little summary about what the series is all about?

Chimefrancis: Well, Room series is a web series sitcom which is geared towards telling tales from Three lodge mates. It is filled with comedy & drama. It will be historic. A first from the den!

Sohana: This is incredible!  A Comedy filled drama, online series set in UNN? – I’m looking forward to it already! I would like to know,  where’s the setting and how many actors do you have on set?

Chimefrancis: Yea, thanks! Well, we shot 5 episodes, location was somewhere inside the University environment and we used a number of actors and actress. We called for auditions and from there we picked our cast.

Sohana: That’s impressive! So,  how long has it been online? How many episodes? Give us the link to where we can subscribe to and watch it

: Thanks a lot. Well, for now we are yet to release any episode. We plan to release 5 episodes which would be the first part of the web series. Meanwhile, here are links to the Trailer: 

Sohana:  Great! So,what’s your plan for the launch in March? 

Chimefrancis: There are not much plans, it would be released on YouTube and we would make sure everyone finds the video(s) accessible. The release date is March 20

Sohana: Wow! I really look forward to the release. Any Shout outs or comments you wanna make?

Chimefrancis: I just want to thank everyone who has supported me from day 1.I want to thank those who haven’t, without you people I won’t keep pushing and doing more.I also want to let you guys know that you can get confirmed info about my brand on my official website which is and also you guys can reach me on my various social media platforms 
Facebook: Chimefrancis

Twitter: @chimefrancis1

Instagram: @chimefrancis1

Also, would like to say thanks to Sohana and the entire Warizit team for this opportunity. Knowing you at the end of your stay in school was a blessing in disguise.

Sohana: Wow, that’s a whole lot of thanks there from you, our incredible MC Chimefrancis! I too would also like to Thank you very much. It was really great having you here. I enjoyed every bit of the interview and I look forward to doing this with you again.

Chimefrancis: It’s my pleasure, thanks too. 

I hope you enjoyed this interview with MC Chimefrancis. Follow him on Twitter and on Instagram (@roomseries and @chimefrancis) for further information about him and his sitcom, ROOM series. Also follow us (@warizitofficial) on Twitter and Instagram for bookings, enquiries, loads of fun stuff and much more. Thank you. 

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