Me and You As Nigerians


Having a dream isn’t trying to believe something regardless of the evidence, dreaming is daring to do something regardless of the consequence.I sincerely believe that everyone of US would accomplish many more things if we didn’t so automatically view them as impossible.

We all know the situations facing US as Nigerian. My country your country is our identity that we embrace with dignity. Most of us have lost the fighting spirit and rely on weakness of armageddon turmoil of giving in in self defeat.

Blame the “Government” no good “leadership” comparison has been our watch words and safety thereby wasting the voice and tought in argument that still lies like desert. Argument has become our employee were anger and hatered is poured on our mother Nigeria.

Don’t ever say that conditions aren’t perfect.This will always limit US. If we wait for conditions to be exactly right, we will never do anything. Those who dare, do; those who dare not, do not. Don’t do anything that doesn’t require vision.

I love the wise words from Isak Dikeson he said “God made the world round so that we would never be able to see far down the road” the person who dares for nothing need hoped for nothing.

We are afraid of our future, our younger ones and the unborn.The future belongs to those who can think unthinkable thoughts, see where no one is looking and take action before it’s obvious.Let your faith run ahead of your mind.Signficant achievements have never been obtained by taking small risks on unimportant issues.

I don’t want to look at our flaws and woes as a country “No” I refuse to speak the language of “Shame” it hurts me and you because our dreams seems to fade away.

As I looked and the read the Anthem and the Pledge written by Prof (Mrs.) Felicia Adebola Adedoyin in 1976. I drew motivations from the verses

” to be faithful loyal and honest , to serve Nigeria…. to defend and uphold..”.

Most time we’re shaped and motivated by what we love. It reveals our passion. Enthusiasm is a choice, not a result.Ignore what you’re passionate about, and you ignore the greatest potential inside you. Nothing significant was ever achieved without passion following this success principle found in the book of Eccl.”whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might”.

When we add passion to a belief, it becomes a conviction.Conviction gets more done than belief ever dreamed of.Driven by passionate conviction, we can do anything you want w your life-except give up one thing you care about.

The main fact and truth that stare at our face is that what you love is a clue to something you contain. The fact is the bigger the challenge or opportunity, the more enthusiasm is required.I love my country Nigeria, I believe I and You can change our story into victory which will be written on our younger generations to come.

There are many things that will catch my eyes on Nigeria today, but there are only a few that catch my heart. It’s those I consider to pursue. Believe you’re the one that turn our situation know this no idea is to small, cast no blame on Government and be the Government they are not.

The problem is that there’s nothing like Government of Nigeria “No” We are the Government.One love.

I pray this song Inspires you

GREAT NATION by Timi Dakolo

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