Men and Cheating – Debunking the myths

“All men cheat”

“Men are polygamous in nature”

“When you travel, give your husband a pack of condoms”

“If a man loves you, he will cheat on you but he won’t do it in front of you or let you find out”

You see these statements, they’re raw unadulterated crap! As in “nshi gbaruka nnoo”! The system or society that justify moral decadence to be part of the genetic makeup of mankind is not only lying and producing sorry excuses of individuals but it’s also asking ladies to settle for less! Pray tell me, why does the same system see it as a big deal if the woman cheats? To them, she has NO respect for her husband and should be dealt with maximally.. The ultimate punishment is usually to send her packing and because marriage is this oh so magnifying achievement, she will feel like she has lost everything (even if he’s cheating too)..

I have heard many men and sadly Women also saying that men will cheat but that they always know who they love.. Oh no sweet Miss/Mrs, you must be confusing things.. A man who loves and respects you wouldn’t dare!

But that’s not even all, I have a question for those who blame a man’s action on the woman’s distance, busy schedule or inability to seduce him effectively:

Why don’t wives who are sex starved outsource for satisfaction?
Why don’t they flirt with someone better?

I’m not saying that women don’t cheat but a lot of the ones who believe their man is cheating on them, especially these tradition-bound “good”/Christian women don’t. Rather they devote most of their love, affection and time into caring for their children. Are we now saying that although the man is a leader, he was created devoid of common sense and self control?

Do you actually know that those who justify rape and cheating are indirectly saying that men are trash/animals? I have never believed all that and I never will.. There’s NO excuse for cheating. If you do, own it. It’s not a disease you can catch by walking into a room, it’s not like being bitten by a bug. It is a calculated event or a series of well thought out actions. And it’s something you do very CONSCIOUSLY.. And the worst part is, the cheat knows what he’s doing. He’s NEVER under a spell..


Dear ladies,

It is a big problem if in this day and age you believe that cheating is a major component of the masculine DNA. It’s just like using your Zodiac sign to make excuses for misbehavior. It’s bullshit! Be wary of people who shove these ideas down your throat. They’re asking you to be pure, chaste and all so perfect while settling for someone who’s not living up to the same standard as you. That is pure nonsense and should not be tolerated.

Whatever you do, darlings, never settle for less! Never believe that people’s mistakes or acts of stupidity occurs simply because they’re male or female. Don’t accept that farce. Don’t be with someone who cheats/will cheat on you. You know why? He doesn’t love or respect you.

Ladies, know who you are. You DESERVE to be respected as much as he does too. Don’t mind those people that say you that all you need is love and not respect.

So all those statements that promote the ideology that all men cheat, should be far from your lips – as far as the heavens are from the earth. Stop giving people room to misbehave and get away with it. Stop taking dross when You can have fine gold! You’re valuable, you’re precious. If that’s not enough to keep anyone then He doesn’t want to stay.. (And you don’t have to either.)

If after this my morning sermon you think it’s justifiable for a man to cheat, send me your address so that my twerking Thunder will locate you instantly! Nonsense and patriarchy!

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