Never Leave, the second single in the Grace Rhythm Album Project by Pastor Clarkson Ikwunze is finally here! 

It is no news now that the single Satisfied was a great success with close to 10,000 downloads not counting shares via whatsapp, Bluetooth or Xender. Today, Pastor Clarkson has wowed us by unveiling the next song in the Grace Rhythm album projectNever Leave. This is a song that echoes God’s promise to us over and over again. It’s refreshing to the believer to remember the words of the father especially in trying times. 

Follow the link below and download this song because the melodies and words are such that you’ll never want to stop playing it. 



The World rejects me

But you accept me

My own disowns me

Yet you adore me
Oh oh oh

You are my God

And I’m your own
You never leave

You never leave

You never leave 

You never leave



Clarkson Ikwunze is a singer, writer, song writer, motivational speaker, an entrepreneur and a pastor 
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Instagram – @clarksinspire

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