by Sohana

So I finally decided to hang out on 31st December. I chose Fred, a proper specimen (TFH with 6 packs) sorry dude to execute this episode of “mission impossible”. I called him and he agreed to meet me by 4:30pm at the only hangout spot I go to – Shop rite, Enugu. I know what you must be thinking, ‘That’s so cliché.’ But then, that’s just me. In my mind, I love adventure – I mean real adventure. You know, travel to somewhere far away, get stranded on purpose, climb a mountain, eat raw fish, make fire from stones… go skydiving, skiing, and surfing (I really love this sport!) and other crazy daring stuff like that. But in real life, I love the indoors more – Movies, creative cooking, reading, writing, dancing in the shower, listening to music etc. For today’s outing, I decided that my outfit would be simple – blue jeans with black Armani top, black ankle boots and a stand by thick woollen sweater. Now, I haven’t worn jeans since I came back to Enugu from school because the heat in Enugu had been the kind that wanted to fry and dry up whatever flesh you had left! So, it was always either a dress or a blouse on a skirt. But since the ‘harmattarn’ arrived, the weather pendulum has swung fully to the other extreme! It’s freezing even inside. And at Polo park mall, they know no weather! Their AC is always on and set at the same subzero temperature all year round. So I had to kit for “winter” in Enugu! I practically dug out my jeans from my clothes bag because it was buried deep under a pile of clothes. I thought of pouring out my clothes into the bed but the last time I did that it took me one week (5 days mind conditioning, 1 day planning, 1 day actual work) to fold all my clothes neatly and put them back! As I reached down into my bag to push some clothes aside, I struck something moderately hard – A book! Hmm… what was a book doing in my clothes bag? I pulled it out and looked at it. Behold, it was mine (obviously). ‘How did it get there?’ I wondered. I tossed it onto my bed and continued my search for the jeans. Few seconds later, I felt it and pulled it out. Phew! The top I was planning to wear was already hanging on a hanger in plain view so I didn’t have to look for it. My ankle boots were within reach too so I was set for the hangout!

Just before I took my bath, my eyes fell on the book on my bed. I hissed; I didn’t have time for this. I ran to the kitchen and did the dishes then I went downstairs and fetched some cooking water. After that, I went in to shower. I bathed as quickly as I could. Then I called Fred to make sure he was still coming. With everything in place, I felt invincible. I dressed up, oiled, brushed and packed my hair nicely then set out to commute to the place. As I was leaving the room, I gave the book a quick glance and chose to ignore it. On a second thought, I was like, ‘Why not? It wouldn’t hurt to know what’s in there.’ I put the book quickly into my bag and dashed out of the house. I got a bus at Ikegbunam junction, the first turning you see on Ugbene road (the tarred road at the tail end of the street next to ours). It’s one drop to IMT bus stop from that place. The conductor said my fare was 70 naira (It’s supposed to be 50). I entered anyways because this was ‘season’ price.
I sat at my favourite part of the bus, two seats directly behind the driver at the extreme left (just by the window). I sit there because I hate to get up for people to come down and I love regulating airflow. Comfortably seated with the wind caressing my smooth beautiful face, I opened my bag and brought the book out. It was just a green exercise book and my guess was that I had written a lot in it. I flipped through the pages. To my utter amazement, most of the pages were empty! I flicked through the pages again to be sure my eyes weren’t playing tricks on me. Apart from a few scribbles here and there (mostly numbers), the book was empty. But I don’t know what led me to the back of the book. As soon as I raised the book cover, I saw a caption on the page: ‘New Year Resolution 2016’. I literally laughed out loud in the bus. The other passengers turned to look at me like I had gone nuts. I was perplexed. What was I thinking on January 1st? I guess I had desperately wanted to do better in certain areas of my life. I looked through the list. There were ten items I outlined as follows:
Go for Monday (fellowship) meetings in addition to Wednesday and Thursday meetings
Go for Bible club at least twice a month
Decorate my hostel room in a really different and unique way, get some online tips
Summarize my notes every Friday night
Go for School of ministry at least once a month
Learn Professional Makeup (maybe)
Go for all ‘016 class weddings
Study my bible in-depth every Saturday night
Do serious voice training quarterly and learn to play drums
Get a distinction in Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Pharmaceutics and Pharmacognosy.
I looked through everything and suddenly realised that here I was on the last day of the year, none of my plans had worked. The worst part of it was that I even forgot that I had written down stuff I wanted to achieve this year. I laughed hard again but it was a laughter filled with mixed feelings. I didn’t know what to think.
I alighted from the bus shortly after and paid the driver. Then, I walked slowly towards the Shop rite gate. I was deep in thought when I heard a car horn. I turned around and saw Fred in a Lexus jeep. ‘Mtcheeeeeeeew!’, I hissed to no one in particular. ‘This boy self! Whose car did he borrow to impress Shop rite girls?’ He slowed down just in front of me and motioned for me to get into the car. There was really no point but to humour him, I hopped in. I was greeted with an enthusiastic ‘Hey, what’s up?’ as he drove us into the complex to find a parking spot. ‘What else is up?’ I replied sardonically, managing a smile. ‘O girl, who vex you this afternoon?’ he inquired, slightly amused by my reaction. ‘Nothing o abi nobody o,’ was my nonchalant reply. The look he gave me showed he obviously didn’t believe me. He stopped the car at the parking space very near the Ferris wheel, and we got out. I waited for him to come towards me so that we could go in. Although I was unhappy, I couldn’t help but stare at my companion…………

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4 thoughts on “NEW YEAR RESOLUTION…..Part-1

  • January 28, 2017 at 6:15 pm

    It’s not only you oo, can’t stop laughing at my own 2016 resolutions too. Although I must say, it’s very disappointing and sad when you have something planned out only for it not to workout because life took a different turn. Taught i was the only one with resolution untouched

  • February 15, 2017 at 2:15 am

    new yr resolutions,, funny we hardly keep to them,, but to forget d whole stuff till 31 Dec, not fair though. Anyway,, let me find out what happened with Fred d fine guy

    • February 15, 2017 at 9:03 am

      Shebi…. Thanks a lot dear…


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