Yesterday, I was coming back from an eatery. I had just left the office, gone to get food so I was on my way back. Now, I love moving around on a bike because it gives me ample opportunity to look around and admire the view without window or roof obstruction. I love looking around for three reasons – the town is still new to me so I’m still getting used to the places just in case. Two, I am a professional but uncertified looker. It’s one of my passive hobbies and three, I get to see the clouds in their glory and abstract ethereal beauty.

I have a thing for clouds and the sky generally. Sometimes I think it’s spiritual. I know God is not in those blue and white pockets of condensed water but there’s something about those fragments of blue and white scattered all over the surface above that brings warmth, peace and comfort to my soul. It’s effect on me is as powerful as a child’s hug.

Three to four years ago, I discovered that a child’s hug could douse my burning rage instantly. Could it be because it reeked of love or pure innocence and sincerity? I know not but I do know that on two occasions when I was livid, a child ran to me and hugged me and in that I instant I forgot why I was unhappy to begin with.

The third time my anger was trying to get the better of me, there was no child in view. But I sensed a strong desire to look up. And I did. Then, the feelings evaporated almost as quickly as they had mounted. Since then, I look up for calm. I look up when I’m almost getting worked up. I look up in admiration. I look up when I’m excited. For me, everything good is up.

As we kept moving, I was looking at the places we passed. When I was a little bored with that, I shifted my gaze to the skies. And Whoa. The sun had a halo. For about five minutes, my eyes were glued to the wonder I was beholding. I couldn’t look away. Then,I thought of taking a shot.But oops,my phone was dead.

I shook my head sadly. This is not the first time this is happening to me. Last two weeks, the sunset had this beautiful dispersion of colors that made me stare at it for close to twenty minutes but my phone was dead too. So I had to run indoors and forget about it. Now, this again. I was starting to think my village people were manipulating my phone destiny.

I couldn’t bear the fact that I wouldn’t take this photo. And I kept looking at the sun and her halo. As the bike man turned into the street leading to mine, my heart told me to come down. That I have to take that picture. I was like really, can I try. I felt it strongly. Come down. It’s better to try than to wonder what would have been because you didn’t. That was it. I asked him to stop me. I got down and paid him.

Then I pressed the power button. It took like forever to come on. I was even thinking it wouldn’t but I was willing to take my chances and see this through to the end. Approximately ten minutes later it was on. Bad news was that battery was at 1%. I ignored it, opened my camera put my focus on the haloed sun and clicked some pictures. The camera worked some magic I never expected. It just gave me what I wanted to see and made everything else darker. That was genius. I don’t think it has ever happened to me before. From the pictures, you wouldn’t really believe that it was broad daylight when I took them and I really love how it turned out. (It’s even making me feel like taking a course in photography because photos can be amazing.)

What I learned from yesterday’s little adventure are:

Go beyond wishful thinking to actual doing.
Don’t let opportunities slip by like that, Seize IT.
Seize the moment. Do what you need to do Now!
Stop procrastinating because that haloed sun may never show again.

So as you go out today, make the best of whatever life throws at you and come back victorious! ??
Have a beautiful weekend people… I love you

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