STAINED- One of the untold stories of womanhood

Blood drained from her face as reality dawned on her. The evidence of what was going on within her was as plain as day. Now the world will know. ??
‘What would they think?’ she asked herself.

That I’m such a careless girl? What does this say of me? That will all my beauty, I lack common sense. They said I should be extra careful. I told them I was fine. That as a big girl I could take care of me but no I’m just that teenage girl carried away by the euphoria of feeling things that only adults feel. Is this really how being a woman felt? Apart from the little pain, the rest was bliss or just there well I’m not quite sure I know how its supposed to feel like.

I recall our teacher’s warnings, everyone knows that at some point this would happen, regularly even. It’s normal. It’s actually part of womanhood, I would be worried if you never experience it. But don’t let anyone know or else your bride price will reduce. Nobody will ever take you seriously. Always clean up properly and take extra precautions. No one must ever know.

I guess I had failed the ultimate test and all the wife material I had been spinning for years in my loom of courtesy and decorum had been shredded in bits by my hideous sin. I shuffled and put my head down as I walked, making deliberate efforts to turn my skirt back and forth and hope it’ll help save my face.

But no the truth was glaring. I was stained. And it wasn’t dirt, oil or tar. Blood. The evidence of a normal female physiology.

Why was I ashamed of it?? It was normal! Why are other women ashamed and why does it seem like this singular event punctures their esteem even if it’s for a minute? Something everyone knows about o. Something we all learn in school. Something that at least one person you know experiences regularly… Mother, sister, aunty, cousin or you…

So why act like you’ve been plagued all of a sudden?

Different people get stained from bleeding all the time – accidents, cuts, tattoos, piercings etc.. No one makes frantic efforts to hide its stains as soon as it occurs no matter the cause because an accident is not your fault. But why do I feel like just a spot on my dress is the end of the world or my reputation?

I’m stained, so what? Even if I turn the skirt the other way and you still know what’s up, so what?

You think I was careless because I didn’t anticipate the heavy flow? Your problem.

You think I’m unclean? By all means Please avoid me.
But I’m not going to be ashamed of what I had no control over.
You don’t know half of the discomfort and the surprise the stain gave me.

You don’t know that it’s not a regular occurrence and that this one is that I’m bleeding too much.

I cannot come and after receiving the shocker of my life, I’ll Now be feeling down like I committed the unpardonable sin

I’ll just change what needs to be changed and tie a sweater around my waist and bounce around the hospital like bangdadadang till I can go home and change my clothes! I’m still the badass Twerking Thunder princess regardless and I am not going to let your eyes or whatever is in your mind get to me!


This actually happened to me earlier this week and I’ve been wondering whether I should share it or not because of we take some normal things a little too seriously.

Do you know that I had this confidence level of ? that I almost threw the sweater away and walked around like that. Why? Because it’s nothing to be ashamed of. If someone asks I’ll just say: I’m stained. If their eyes widen, I’ll just smile and say “Catch you later”.. If they ask why are you not covering it, I’ll say, ‘No need… I’ll soon go home’…

You should have seen the spring in my step as I walked around with my sweater tied on my waist. I didn’t care what anyone would think unlike me back in secondary school or in my university days. I would have even begged my superiors to let me go home.

Ladies stop feeling ashamed to mention/talk about menstruation. Don’t feel stupid, careless or dirty if you’re stained because you’re not. You’re just stained. It was not your fault. Even if it was, it’s not a crime in any way! Don’t let it affect your esteem or make you hang your head as you walk. It doesn’t take away your crown or awesomeness.

Guys, please stop running away from your girlfriends or sisters when they’re on their period. Don’t mock them when it stain because it’s not just childish, it’s insensitive. Really really really! You don’t know how much pain she’s braving and you’re coming to be jakasiala eze on top. This stuff is natural. It’s NOT a curse or a disease condition. And it would pass after a while and besides, if your parents didn’t do the do, that stuff you’re frowning at would have been some components of you going down the canal so be respectful.

If at the end of this early morning charge, you’ll still see someone that is stained and make fun of her (whether you’re a guy or a girl), May my Universal twerking thunder and WeirdSaint Akuoma Amaechi’s destinationless lightning rearrange your kpankolo mindset by fire! Nonsense and Ozu Udene!

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