The Power of a SMILE: Tips on how to Smile when you don’t feel like it!

by Sohana
To be healthy, one must be emotionally, physically, spiritually, and mentally sound. As we have seen in the previous article (The Power of a SMILE: how it affects your health, beauty, outlook in life and people’s perception of you) , smiling is great therapy emotionally and mentally because it helps in relieving stress, nervousness, anger, fear and other negative emotions. For the most part, smiling means you are happy, excited, amused etc. But did you know that smiling intentionally even when you are not happy could actually make you happy? You would start off like its pretence; before long, it’ll be real and you would be smiling for real. It works better when you think of pleasant things (memories, people, places, food, music, etc).


When nothing seems to go right and you are just having a bad day, here are tips that could help you get a smile back on that pretty face of yours:

  1. Go for a walk: When you’re feeling low, a leisurely stroll just around your area in the evening would do you a lot of good. The feel of the gentle breeze on your face, the stillness and serenity would help put your mind and rest. It could even help you remember a similar walk you’ve had before and you’re bound to all smiles before you get back home. One important thing you must do is to just forget (on purpose) whatever made you sad in the first place and focus on having a beautiful time!
  2. Hang out with a friend: We all have that friend who is always up for a hangout. Give them a call and ask them to meet you someplace else or even at your place. Determine to have as much fun as possible.
  3. Try something new: Cook a different meal from what you’re used to. Learn a skill or do something you haven’t done before. What I do is: I sing an existing song in a very terrible way (off keys, wrong pronunciations) and send to my friends, then I imagine their reaction and it makes me laugh so hard. Another one I do is, I get my makeup kit and start drawing different (weird) eyebrow shapes. Then I take pictures and laugh at them.
  4. Get a pet: If you love cuddly animals, get a dog or cat. They require a lot of maintenance and care but they sure know how to pull you out of a foul mood and get you smiling again!
  5. Look around and admire nature: Get a cold glass of milk or any other drink of our choice, sit outside on the porch or veranda and relax. If you don’t have the luxury of both you can look outside your window and just admire the beauty of creation. It always works.
  6. Say something nice to someone: Paying someone a compliment is a way to uplift him/her. It makes the person feel good about him/herself and they reward with a smile so contagious that you can’t help but smile back. As the Jewish proverb rightly said, ‘If you want something, do it for others and it will come back to you as a blessing.’ The Bible also says, ‘Give and it shall be given unto you…’
  7. See a funny movie or a cartoon: if you’re home alone and it’s too dark to go out, movies or cartoons might be just what you need. Jim Carrey movies, black American movies like Tyler Perry’s have a way of getting you all cracked up and laughing. Some people don’t like cartoons but they are great stress relieving therapy and get you smiling really quickly. For maximum results, I’d strongly recommend: Norm of the North, Angry birds or Zootopia!


Remember that the most important thing is to make up your mind to enjoy whatever activity you choose. If none of the above works for you (which is unlikely), you have to email me for special prayers. Research has shown that it takes 17 muscles to smile and 43 to frown! This means the less you frown, the younger you’re going to feel and look. Share this with someone you love. I hope this article helped plenty. I want to know what you think of it and how you get yourself to smile when you don’t feel like it so drop your comments! Thank you.
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