Toke Makinwa sued by ex-husband for ‘character assassination’ in her bestseller On Becoming

Toke and Maje wedding picture.     Photo credit:Google
Toke and Maje as a couple Photo credit:Google

Maje Ayida has sued his former wife, media personality Toke Makinwa over her bestselling book On Becoming. Following the breakup of their marriage, Toke Makinwa released her book On Becoming which was a detailed account of what happened between her and Maje.

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The book portrayed him in very bad light narrating about his mistresses, his baby mamas, how he gave her STD, made her bleach for him and so on. According to Toke, writing the book was an instruction from God so as to bring healing to her and to others.

Toke Makinwa during her book launch. Photo Credit:Google

While some people see it as an avenue for her to let out steam while making money (because nearly everyone loves good gossip!), Maje is insisting that the story is grossly exaggerated and that his character has been spitefully assassinated. So, he hired a lot of lawyers who sent Toke a letter warning her to stop the sale and distribution of the book. He also demanded a recall of the pre-sold copies unless legal action would be taken against her.

Toke Makinwa in Ghana earlier today Photo credit: Instagram @tokemakinwa

The letter was sent to her on the 23rd of December but Toke has been calm about the situation and is currently on tour in Ghana for a book reading session. This obviously means that the book is still on sale big time! Well, we are waiting to see what happens next. Drop your comments and let me know your opinion about the situation.

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