Ugba (akpaka) and stock fish

Ugba is an oil bean seed. It is one of the highlights of restaurants in Nigeria. This is a conventional Igbo meal. Ugba is prepared in almost the same way as the African Salad (Abacha) but using Ugba as the main ingredient.

Ugba preparation is similar to that of Breadfruit with Corn (Ukwa na Oka).

This special meal quite exclusive and requires expensive ingredient. That’s why people who make Ugba without adding Abacha are considered to be wealthy! Now, let us look at one of the recipes for cooking Ugba.

Ugba is a salad of sorts which is eaten by Eastern Nigerians especially at ceremonial occasions.

If you’ve never had a plate of ugba ( akpaka)then please allow us inform you that you’ve been missing out on a meal that’s not only easy to prepare but also very tasty and filling.

Ugba(akpaka) is a salad of sorts which is eaten by Eastern Nigerians especially at ceremonial occasions so today we’re bring the ceremony right to your living room as we share this long-standing recipe.

Bon apetit!


Ugba( akpaka)

Palm oil


Stock fish

Goat meat

Cray fish

Seasoning cube

Dry pepper

Garden eggs


  • Wash, season and boil the stock fish and goat meat until tender
  • Pour a small quantity of oil into a bowl.

  • Mix small potash with water, when the water changes colour, remove the potash and pour inside the palm oil. Turn the mixture until it thickens

  • When it thickens, it changes into a yellowish colour then add your dry pepper and seasoning cube.

  • Pour you ugba inside the mixture and turn very well.

  • Add goat meat, stock fish and crayfish. Turn very well untill it is well mixed

  • Serve with garden eggs in a saucer

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