Up close and not so personal with Propane – OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO RELEASE OF NU SONG.

Hey, it’s me Sohana once again representing warizit.wordpress.com. I’d like you all to meet Focos Empire’s CEO, CIA recording artist and my favorite beard gang boss of all time, Propane! In this interview, we would be talking about what he’s been up to and the latest gist from his end. Enjoy!

Sohana: For the sake of our viewers around the world, we would love to get to know you. So, may we meet you? 

Propane: I’m Obinna Nkwonta AKA Propane. Lover of God, people, music and fashion. People don’t know but I’m kinda reserved. Basically I run an empire that plans events, manages artists, and has its own clothing line.

Sohana: Event planning, artist management, clothing line..hmm.That’s really impressive! I didn’t know you were reserved though, cool! My sources say you’ve been doing some great work, so tell us, what have you been busy with lately?

Propane: Where do I start from? I have been busy with a lot, business and family if I’m to summarize.
Sohana: Wow, OK, tell us a bit about Focos music, heard you are the C.E.O.

Propane: Well… Focos empire is an entertainment company divided into 3 sections (Focos music, Focos attires & Focos events). It is a dream that started falling in place gradually from 2014 when it kicked off with Focos music. Four artists are under the music outfit, Bombc (Rapper & Singer), U.k (Singer), Chase (Rapper), OgieSax (Saxophonist) and then two wonderful Producers (Benzy & E9beatz). Focos attires has various collections in it, Word robe (casual wears),  Aku (Traditional wears) and we are about delving into a cap collection too. Focos events which just kicked off ending of last year too has also been doing pretty well too. Yea I’m the CEO of Focos empire

Sohana: This is totally amazing! Let’s delve a little into your music? I’ve heard your latest song – Nu song and it’s one of my favorite songs so far this year and I’m curious:  What inspired Nu song?

Propane: What inspired Nu song? Well went to synx studio one sunny afternoon and he was playing his bank of beats for me. Immediately I heard nu song I loved it cause it had a totally different feel. He laughed ’cause he made it for an artiste who he said abandoned it ’cause he couldn’t vibe to it, lol. Well I wrote the hook that day as I was heading home, and the whole song was inspired by lots of stuff I was going through which I didn’t allow weigh me down. I decided no matter what it was a good year (2015) and day to be alive.

Sohana: Wow, that’s incredible. It also confirms that saying that One man’s meat is another man’s poison! Wow, I’m glad you were able to draw out inspiration and turn those beats into a whole new motivation for you and everyone around you.  I also heard you’re planning on releasing the video this Friday and I want to ask what the inspiration for having a video for this song is cuz it’s not every song that an artist turns to a video.. 

Propane: About what inspired the video, it was actually M.O.B my director. He called me after we hadn’t spoken for like 3 years and was like “Propane mail me as many of your songs as possible I wanna shoot your videos” and I was like “Wow!” What a way to kick of the year (laughs). He scripted it, shot it, and also edited it, dude is cray at what he does mehn

Sohana: That’s awesome, lines falling in pleasant places!  Could you give us a little summary about the video, what it’s all about, what you want to give to the teeming fam through the video? 

Propane: A summary of the video? I don’t wanna spoil the suspense so wait on it fam (laughs) 

Sohana: (laughs) OK, let’s not ruin the surprise. So where’s the setting and can you briefly summarize the shooting experience?

Propane: It was shot in several locations in Lagos, it was kind of stressful but very fun. M.O.B, if you know him, is a fun guy so his set is always a reflection of him.

Sohana: That’s beautiful.. Can you tell us a bit about the director, M.O.B.?(Hope I got the name right)

Propane: (Laughs) Yea you got the name. M.O.B is one dude I have known since like 2012 and I can say I don’t regret the day I met him. He’s happily married to a beautiful wife and together they have a cute son. M.O.B is a perfectionist and always ensures he brings out the best in the artist he shoots while on set and he actually is very patient.

Sohana: So, what are your plans after the video? For the video and your musical career

Propane: My plans after the video is to keep recording songs as usual, hit my fans with more dope visuals also shot by M.O.B. I also hope to put out a project hopefully this year.

Sohana: That’s Great! So, any Shout outs or comments you want to make?

Propane: I love my fans so much without you I won’t be where I am now, I love CIA and Focos music cause without you I wont be the propane the fans love, and finally I love my family for believing in me cause without them I wouldn’t have done music at all and as such wouldn’t have met my CIA fam or started Focos music. I also want to thank Sohana and Warizit as a whole, its really a pleasure.

Sohana: Thank you very much, Propane, it’s really nice having you here. I look forward to doing this with you again. 

Propane:You’re welcome 
The video will be out this Friday and we will publish the links to the video here for you all to also groove to and feel the Nu song. Follow @propane_CIA on twitter and instagram for further information about the video.  Also follow us (@warizitofficial) on Twitter, and Instagram for loads of fun stuff and much more. Thank you.. 

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