While I scrolled down my timeline, I remembered something: You are in a relationship and it is soo obvious that you love her. The air we breathe tells us this love you profess.The bees buzz this affection in our ears, the birds hum it in the sky. Destiny proved us right when you married her. In the genesis of the marriage , we were jubilating about this love. Then slowly like a tortoise, the bees stopped buzzing, the birds stopped humming and we couldn’t breathe this love. Love was gone like the dusk after the dawn. Yeah Just like that!

But you still said you loved her. Lemme rephrase it for you. You don’t understand the love you said. You married her,you showered her with gifts , pampered her, made her feel loved. Everyday ,your love was like a song in your acts. Yeah ,you treated her good. Where are those treats now? Where have you kept them? Were you doing all those just to get her when you were dating her? Do you actually love her in the first place. I just can’t believe it.

You are back from work, the house is lit and food is ready. Yeah ,you married a sweet lady. She’s back from work, tired and hungry. Lemme remind you what you implied in a scenerio like this before you married her; you looked into her eyes and said “Oh ,honey, lemme help you with your bag, the bed is made ,come and rest let me get the food I prepared for us and don’t worry about anything not even Obinna’s dirty clothes because I’ve washed them…. Babee, we will get there someday, that day when we’d be able to hire maids and buy washing machine. For now Babee, we are together in this home, you and I just like that”.

Yeah, just like that. You implied it lady, when you said you loved him, when you longed to be his wife. Everything about him was what you wanted to live in. You were love struck. Love ate you, digested you and retained you. Then slowly like a tortoise, the bees stopped buzzing, the birds stopped humming and we couldn’t breathe this love. Why do you sound derogatory and rebellious with your acts/words? I thought you said you loved him. Why do you do things just anyhow you like without considering him? Do you actually love him? I just can’t believe it.

Both of you have been living together with mutual respect and just one fateful afternoon, it seems both of you disagree soo strongly on a matter. He had his views, you had yours and for the home to move forward , there must be a unilateral agreement. Lemme remind you what you implied in a scenerio like this, you looked into his eyes and said” Darling, I understand how you feel about this and you’ve known my views about this issue. Honestly I want it my way but right now we will do it your way. None of us lost in this issue . We both won. You and I just like that”.

Those were the thoughts that flooded my mind while I read your beautiful updates. I had also asked myself why people build walls in their minds and it seems soo difficult to break them. Why do people allow pride and prejudice to envelope our hearts that they can’t just let go?
I have promised myself and have prayed on this: I will love my spouse to the very end and there will be no WALLS. Babee, IT’S YOU AND I, JUST LIKE THAT.

~Copyright of Crosspoint (2017)
Written by Doreenduke Ugwuede.

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